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About this project...

You can support the making of the film The New True Charlie Wu, a musical about following one's bliss, by making a donation through PayPal. Donations are now closed - the site is here for reference purposes only. Then, introduce your friends to The New True Charlie Wu as well with your very own referral URL. Gain points with every dollar you or your referrals donate. The more points you amass, the bigger credit you get in the film - even above the title, in every showing at every theater and on every DVD of the film. Become a fan now!

What's the film about? Charlie's an accountant, who dreams of becoming something more, something he loves. For anyone who's struggled with "Do I do what I love, or do I do what makes me money, even if I hate it?" Charlie Wu will inspire you to follow your dreams.

Why should you help? Lots of filmmakers make films on little or no budget, and some would love a modest amount of money to make their films even better. Student filmmakers are especially pinched for budgets, and often go to friends, family and fans for financial support, usually in the form of a donation for their production costs.

(It all seems worthwhile the day that film screens, and there's you, being thanked in the credits by name, right up there on the screen.)

That's where comes in. We make it easy for you to donate as little as $10, refer others to do the same, and we make sure you get credit in the film based on what you and your friends contribute.

"The New True Charlie Wu," the latest film effort from Bob Pondillo, is shooting during the second week in March of 2009. You may know Bob as neighbor Larry in "My Name is Wallace," the award-winning short film he also wrote, directed and produced. He's directing this one as well, but his journalism students at Middle Tennessee State University are the ones working so hard on this film with him. is your chance to participate in this film with small (or even large) donations of $10, $20, or even more. We then give you a special referral URL that you can use to tell your friends about this film. By helping fund and publicize this project, we put your name in lights, er, on the screen. It's a small (or even large) thank you for helping the film get made.

Here's how it works.

You do two things here at the site:

1. Make a donation through PayPal and...

2. ...introduce your friends to The New True Charlie Wu as well.

You will receive points for both donations and referrals (1 point for every dollar you donate, or for every dollar a friend of yours donates), and will be given Hollywood-style credit based on the number of points you accumulate.

Example: you donate $10. You immediately get 10 points. You then refer a friend who gives $10, and they get 10 points, and so do you. If they refer a friend who gives $10, then all three of you get 10 points. So you now have 30 points, your first friend has 20 points, and that second friend has 10 points. Anyone can refer new friends to the project and get more points, and anyone can donate more money at any time to get more points.

Watch what happens when you donate $10, and then tell 10 friends who also tell 10 friends each:

1. You donate $10 - You: 10 points.

2. You tell 10 people, who donate $10 each - that's $100, You: 110 points.

3. Those 10 tell 10 each, who donate $10 each - that's $1000 more.

You are now sitting with 1100 points, and you're an Executive Producer, with credits at the beginning of the film. Easy peasy.

This might sound to some of you like a Ponzi scheme, but it's not. We're not promising to pay you back any money, we're using it all for the film. But we're doing something even cooler: we're using your money to make a great film, you're helping the students of MTSU to learn the art of filmmaking, and...and this is the big become exactly like those big Hollywood hotshots: you get credit for helping make the film, in the film. And there are six levels of credit you can get:

10 points = Friend

25 points = Fan

100 points = Angel

500 points = Producer

1000 points = Executive Producer

2500 points = Mogul

With a minimum donation of $10, you start out as a Friend, and receive a thank you here on the web site. However, if you reach 25 points, you become a Fan, and receive a mention in the DVD booklet, as well as what Friends get. Get 100 points, and you become an Angel, which affords you a place in the end credits of the film. You need 500 points to become a Producer, which also gets you Producer credit in the film, appearing just before the writer/director credit at the beginning of the film. From there, you can advance to Executive Producer with 1000 points, which comes with Executive Producer credit in the movie. You've reached the top level, also known as Mogul, once you exceed 2500 points. Moguls receive the ultimate screen credit at the beginning of the film, above the title.

You don't have to give $2500 in cash - just donate as little as $10, and then tell as many people as you know, and since you get points when they donate money, you could reach 2500 points with all of their small donations. We'd love to have a very crowded film credit roll!

We'll keep track of your progress, and our progress towards our goal, on your personal page. You'll get news updates as well, plus video messages from the set from Bob and the actors and crew. You'll be able to see how your money's being used, right from the start, paying for sets, costumes, camera gear, specialty crew and the care and feeding of all the people making The New True Charlie Wu.

This is important; the project will close, and we'll stop taking donations, the moment we reach $35,000, the total budget of the film. And whatever level you've reach will be set in stone then. The best thing to do is to get started early with an initial donation, and then tell everyone you know to help you and Charlie Wu out (get it? You? And Charlie Wu? Dot Com?)

There are other little perks for you if you help us out with a donation and with referrals that we'll add along the way, and we'll tell you about them as time goes on.

So get started and Sign Up now!